Thappad Movie Review : An impactful social drama that questions the unsaid rules of marriage

Thappad Movie

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You must have heard a very famous saying that to make a talk about it is to draw a small thing like a chingam and make it wide enough. And there is another saying to the contrary. If the matter comes out, then it will be taken away, that is, nothing is so small or meaningless that it should be ignored. Now it is not our job to find the answer to which one is right or which one is right and which one is wrong. Is. That these things have been going on since childhood in you and my life, leaving behind sometimes we move forward and sometimes stick with them like stickers and always keep going with us, but now such a film has come in the market. So, it directly works to raise questions on our decision. The biggest question is, are you happy in your life or are you engaged in acting in your life by making films.
Thappad Movie
Thappad movie seen

Start the thappad, there are two important things. What you should understand correctly is that it is not in the first place. It does not attempt to show boys animals. Otherwise, an agenda has been pursued that will degrade the boys. The second thing is not confirmed for the audience, who goes to the theater and stick on mobile in half the time or expect to see the action of the movies, neither this film. Neither my review is of any use to you, don't waste time.

The story of the thappad film is written in the fall of a married couple who have been in an ideal relationship with each other for years, money is love and there is a lot of respect in front of the world. There is a caring wife who is happy to keep her family happy. She sacrifices her own dreams, does not give any salary or even a hundred percent in every job without any date. And in return he is looking for some love, it does not speak much, but always keeps the good of others in his heart and mind, his husband i.e. Husband is absolutely opposite. It measures its own advantages and disadvantages before others. It is a lot of fun to let others down in business and judging women moving forward in society is one of their favor
Thappad Movie
Thappad movie seen

Twist comes in the story when their fairly normal life derails. In the midst of a party of fun and happiness, the husband thappad his wife in front of a lot of people, who do not go to their body but to their thoughts. Does a slight-looking thappad have the power to overthrow a years-old relationship? Can a thappad really be the cause of divorce between two people, what is behind that thappad forces to find freedom from all the relations of the world.

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The film thappad, answering all these questions. The real magic of the film is not in the unfolding storyline but hidden in the short stories running in the background which showcase the personal life of a lord who fights for the justice of girls outside. But she is forced to stay under her husband in her own house.
The second story is of a mother and doctor who are looking for happiness for each other and are fighting the rules of society rules.
Thappad Movie
Thappad movie

 The third story is of patel chowk husband wife. Those who compromise their dreams to improve the lives of their children are anubhav sinha, the mastermind of the film, who told a simple story of people like us, a story in which the characters of the film see their own lives more than closed doors. Things that are behind are openly placed in front of us. Whether it is the scolding of the parents or the deceit in love or the domestic violence is very much about all these, but never speaks openly.

Bollywood has ever been a glutton thappad, which often presents girls as an option, they are only danced to item songs, they are made to make lewd jokes or they are in love with the hero or mad at the hero. And is shown to be strong.

Although the name of the film is thappad but not limited to thappad, there have been attempts to give extras and rash messages. This question is repeated again and again, leaving behind how it went wrong in your life. Whether you are a girl or a boy, if you start living life by framing yourself in the conditions of others, you slowly start to lose your identity and one day it comes. When you are forced to hate yourself, the film's biggest standard is Taapsee Pannue, who has done the best how to a married couple, who has played the character of a married woman in the best way. His earthing is so strong and realistic, do you see a glimpse of his life relationship behind his face? Pavel gulati has played a negative character in the film and you are forced to hate him ratna pathak shah and kumud mishra. The pair of you is going to win your heart and manav kaul shakes you in a small role. So man, in a few words, thappad is a life changing experience.

In which you will not feel the story of any hero heroine that you are going to be the most such in front of you. Which you might have left behind somewhere, but now the time has come to selectively calculate the right wrong. The thappad film can prove to be one that can make bollywood feel embarrassed and may even begin to raise questions about the heroin's imports.

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