Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship, Reviews

Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship, Reviews

Story : Earlier in 2019, I had seen the most haunting horror film of my life, whose name is blurred as the stars are shining in the sky, look, everyone's dictionary may mean different ghosts, there will be a gust of wind for someone. If there is a person with legs, there can be a sound of sleep in the night for anyone, but in my dictionary, the ghost means that the stigma of your Karan Johar and the phone call now. The behind-the-scenes skills, who once again made your ghost alive with Karan, have the power to do a lot of damage to you, but the world has not changed much from pen to ghost. There was high expectation and the star cast was also filled with dangerous talent like Vicky Kaushal and Ashutosh Rana.
But in the end, he made a lot of people mentally ill in 2019.The story of the film is written for a haunted ship which suddenly appears on the Juhu Beach in Mumbai one day while escaping from the eyes of the world. The thing is that there is no trace of any human in the ship, then who put the ship in the water and what is its purpose, on the other side kept a shipping officer named Prithvi. Or who are fighting near the heart these often Halo Sineshn which appear some people.

Then when the earth is confronted with the haunted, some people come out of whom whose direct connection is connected with such power, the train is above all understanding, some terrible black powers, which in easy words are ghosts and spirits. People call by name, is it really just haunted or is it a trick of a human mind that people who are looking to earn a lot of profit are just bad Is there or is there anything that wants to leave that world and come back to this world, it works to answer all these questions.

Let the ghosts tell you straight away. Yes, there are three or four scenes in the movies that can absolutely blow your senses, but apart from this, you will not get to see anything like horror in the film, the film slowly converts and the ghost gets converted. Leaving a mystery comes in front of us, the whole film comes out to find the answer. The important thing in the film is that Karan Saheb's money is involved in this and the rest of it Can't Scare You With Any Angle There is a little girl whose face can make you fall in love with her more than fear and I don't know whose idea it is that she has to find her corpse to drive away the ghost in the end Four five mantras are recited in front of him and in the last blackmail the ghost is given the option to leave this world.

The same story has already been made in about 100 200. Yes, the direction in the film is very good, the way in which the toy is tried to show the ghost to an innocent girl by messing with the camera, it keeps on moving you from the seat in between, but Content like Ship has not been used in any way, when such an opportunity was first felt in the hands of a Bollywood film, but Vicky has done a good acting. Nina does not have anything different or special to do with them. They can often be reminded to go to the big haunted mansion to find them and become lucky winners by beating the ghosts in the last. Can remind you once again that he is seen fighting the ghosts and chanting mantras strangely but it is too low to give some specials. She does not even try, while Dheesi PT formula is prepared by putting three four jumpscars in the old story. You are probably not going to get even 1% interest in finding the answer. For me, the ghost is acting 2 out of 5 stars Vicky Kaushal.

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