Mayawati has a new plan. Will Mayawati be able to win the election next time? How successful will this plan be?

Mayawati has a new plan. Kia Mayawati will be able to win the election next time. How successful will this plan be?

Ram Vishwakarma who Mayawati was almost a scribe in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Jin Mayawati could not seem to make any difference. Which did not seem to take any special interest in Mayawati's election activities. And this was being said in the political corridors with this. That she has gone into a cold sleep as soon as the elections come. That Mayawati has suddenly come in the active board. And it has come in active mode as well. That as soon as the government was formed in the state, he called a meeting of the party and in a hurry dissolved all the executive committees.

Now it has stopped, you have blindly trusted all these things. So stop, because these are all those things. Which is echoing in the political corridors. Now let us tell you what you are so desperate to hear. In fact, there is panic in the political corridors of Uttar Pradesh with a very buried tongue. It is being said that Mayawati was actually waiting for the elections to end in the state. That the state in which the party was, it was not able to compete with the BJP and SP, the Bahubali party of the state. In such a situation, there was a preparation to revive the BSP in this incomplete state. Which was almost impossible in the few months before the election. Because many of his own veteran leaders were stuck in many parties here and there before the election. Now that the election is over, the BSP supremo feels the party. Determined to bring it back to the same respectable condition. The news that is coming out quoting sources from the food inside the party.

According to him, Mayawati was actually silent for months. But internally, a strategy to strengthen the party's position was being worked out. This was discussed for the last several days. That Mayawati is going to take some big decisions soon. And finally, he did so, the BSP had called a state-level meeting of the party on Sunday. In which it has been announced that the party is destroying the system of brotherhood committee and sector in-charge. Now a different kind of plan is going to be worked on for the strength of the party. Under the new strategy, one phone has been arranged on three divisions.

Under this new system, 3 new in-charges have been made to make it more effective in the state. Dr Vijay Pratap Munkad Ali and Rajkumar Gautam have been given the responsibility as new in-charges. This in-charge will be done directly to party supremo Mayawati, in this meeting, apart from brainstorming on the very poor performance of the party in the assembly elections, some big decisions were also taken, one of them. Shah Alam, also known as Guddu Jamali, is the homecoming of Guddu Jamali, a veteran leader of the party. With his return to the party, he has also been launched for the Lok Sabha by-elections. The party has fielded him from the Azamgarh Lok Sabha seat. Which was vacant after Akhilesh resigned. He also enthused the party workers about the tremendous victory of BJP in UP and said that there is no need to panic.

Rather, it is a kind of lesson for the party. In such a situation, now is not the time to be disappointed but to strengthen ourselves further, how much the BSP supremo's words will be known in the party, but the way Mayawati has come into action mode. He has definitely got these signals from him. That the BSP was definitely less strong in the election. But further, the same old attitude can be seen in the state.