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Udta Punjab

Anything can come in the market of rumors. There could be an awful movie going on here. Ekta Kapoor, Anurag Kashyap, and their group must thank Blue Pencil Board for bringing Doyam film into the news feature. Even if the film was passed as it is, the crowd would have rejected it. The more misbehavior the film's characters take, the more they and the producer chief get from the crowd. Actually, the entryways have opened at present. Udta Punjab Full Movie Watch Online

Udta Punjab is a weak film. To falter a lot As far as drug addiction in Punjab is concerned, it looks like a docudrama here. This part moves on from the main story. Emotion is absent in the scenes and exchanges. There is a real emphasis on how medicines are made, where products come from, and where they go. Efforts are being made to recount the story from the information point of view, while news channels are trying to get TRP by showing the news in the form of a story. The mix of story-news in Udta Punjab does not leave an impact. Maybe it seems, why are you sitting idly? The film is detrimental to both cash and strength of mind.

The history here belongs to rockstar Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor), who celebrates drugs to his tunes. The youth awakened by him are being destroyed by drug abuse. The state police are crossing the line and various places with the seizure of narcotics coming from across the block.

Illegal business is flourishing under the umbrella of the pioneers of the state. In such a situation, the younger brother of police officer Sartaj Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) becomes a victim of drugs. Then his spirit wakes up. He embarks on a crusade against drugs and gathers evidence against the miscreants along with the specialist who runs the clinic (Kareena Kapoor). Meanwhile, a track follows a young woman (Alia Bhatt), who has come from Bihar to work in the fields of Punjab, who falls prey to a drugs racket!

Udta Punjab is a hazy film. Still, its filth could not be diminished by its effect. After the main 30 minutes, the film loses its luster and leaves the viewer fatigued. There are openings in story, content, and discourse. This is where the sand of fatigue slowly falls on the audience. The main character of the story, Tommy Singh, turns into a joke as it progresses. This work neither elevates Shahid Kapoor in terms of acting nor tries to please.

'Shaandaar', created by Anurag Kashyap's group last year, repeats Shahid's record in Udta Punjab, the overwhelming disappointment. In the opening segment, you sit tight for Shahid, and later, he wanders off quite a bit like a lost and irritable person. He slowly transforms from a mighty rockstar to a comic person. There is no pity on their destruction, there is laughter. The film is difficult for Shahid's profession. Alia Bhatt does not shine at all while speaking Bihari. His acting impersonation is clearly noticeable in several scenes. The same is the case with Kareena Kapoor. She was unable to move away from genre and film exhibitions. Diljit Dosanjh looks more on-screen than Shahid, yet there is nothing in this work that he should be remembered for.

The treatment of Udta Punjab resembles a workmanship film made with Bollywood stars. Accordingly, apart from the misfortunes caused by the suffocation of the stars, the film could not take a constructive shape in a two-pronged conflict. Chief Abhishek Choubey is best known for Ishqiya (2010). He is not in front of the old achievement in Udta Punjab. The pinnacle of the film is barbaric and entertaining. In a short time, about six people are killed by bullets!

Even real movie buffs will think that it is difficult to keep pace with Udta Punjab. People who associate with films avoid it. It has a ton of abuse and youth and teens are taking the drug. You can easily understand what was suspicious in Udta Punjab, leaving the control board open. By looking firsthand, you'll discover that the open mountain turned into a mouse.

Movie Name:

Udta Punjab




147 minutes

Release Date:

17  June 2016


Abhishek Chaubey


40 Core Rs






Amit Trivedi


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