Rustom Full Movie: A little bit of infidelity and a little bit of patriotism.

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This film may have looked boring but this film has some characters like a little bit of infidelity and a little bit of patriotism. Together with the two, which become entertainment, the same is named Rustom. This story based on the famous Nanavati scandal of 1959 is true to tell, but Andaz-e-Bayan is a film. If we are willing to see Akshay Kumar in an important, patriotic, and uniform role, then this film has been prepared for us. Rustom Full Movie Download Pagalmovies.

However, the lack of initial work will certainly be a bit of a nuisance. But some sneaky scenes created in court will make for entertainment. The film follows the sentimental source that it is a crime to mislead or misguide, his wife when a uniformed hero is stationed at the border of the water or the sky to protect the country. The hero says that there should be a capital punishment for this.

The film is of Rustam Pavri (Akshay Kumar), an officer posted on a naval ship, who suddenly returns before the due date after an order. He sees that his wife Cynthia (Ileana Dikruz) is not at home. She goes to the house of her friend Vikram Makhija (Arjun Bajwa). Rustom reaches there and sees the two sitting next to each other on the balcony while sitting by the car. Rustom Full Movie Online

Rastam returns and after seeing all this he comes back. His wife returns in the morning and is horrified to see her husband suddenly home. The husband leaves her there, showing him the proof of infidelity, and within minutes we see that Rustom shot three bullets in his chest while going to Vikram's house. Those three bullets rocked the country. Sentencing Vikram, Rustom surrenders to the police. And this is followed by a prolonged action of the investigation and the court. Will Rustom be acquitted or will he be punished?

In the same film showing the days of the 1950-the 60s, the events of the first part are laid out in front of you. In the second part, the court tries to judge how justice should be done. The film tries to show the role of the media and the public sentiments associated with Rustom during that trial, but the film's fabric does not mix with the story. At the same time, the story based on the true incident gets progressively filmed.

Efforts are being made in the court to create a sense of cheetah. In the midst of these things, Akshay maintains seriousness and without fighting himself, he fights hair himself. This film of Akshay can be seen once. Gone are the days when Akshay was called the hidden Rustom of the box office. He is a totally worth star these days. In the film, Ileana is buried all the time in the realization that she made a mistake. This is also his role. Isha Gupta as Vikram's sister is effective in some scenes. She wants Rustom to be severely punished. Although Isha's character and acting in the story are simple lines, she lacks variety.

Despite the marriage being at the center of the story, the director did not show them in much detail or meaning. This film has been seen more on the emotions. Hence, the attempt to find something sensational in the film must have been in vain. The film is shot beautifully. But the film was not in any more benefit due to not having a better side of the music. Recall that the era of the story it tells was the golden age of our playback music.

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