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The strength of the film, nevertheless, is the manner in which Prem Kumar created the two original characters and their connections. Rama is a ruthless and stressed man who is delicate and on edge in jaanu's quality, while Jaanu opens up like a book when he is separated from everyone else with Rama. In this way, everything they do when they last meet does not return in time, as their partners are apprehensive - Kishore, Sharanya, and Ramesh are enough as separate puzzles. At any rate, not intentionally. How is it jaanu is a lonely person who can make Ram feel like a sack of sweat? Also, Rama is the only person who takes this part of jaanu full movie to the front. The way he surrounds her is about equality and trust, realizing that she is clueless about her young adult love. Watch out for the scene where jaanu is showing her girl image. The way he attempts to take a look, and the way he looks at her in this way, you know it outweighs the interest. It is finished.

This is why the rethink - the scene where jaanu revives his romantic story - is the most notable scene in a film full of opportunities. Also, this is why I was unable to stop myself unlike Trisha's exhibition with Samantha. Trisha created a perfect one depicting jaanu. The begging look with which she rages on Rama, after completing the story made with tears with two eyes and a grudge is all the rage that the film attempts to tell about an adorable being lost. Is very solid. Despite the fact that Samantha does not coordinate in this specific scene, she is usually exceptional. Additionally, Chinmayi, the voice that upgrades many exhibitions. The scene where jaanu gets into the vehicle's luggage and doesn't actually get out is the way in which she can feel herself holding her hand and the ensuing scene where she tries to expand for a long time and realizes that Need to leave, a painted striking sentimental heir. Said that Gauri Kishan and Sai Kiran, the more youthful forms of Ram and jaanu, have better science.

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The biggest disillusionment for me is the film's soundtrack. Less Sangeet-Govind Vasant is similarly the music overseer of this film, however, because of the way the verses are composed. As a type of vocalism, the film decides to go through it, which is extremely unimportant. What we get is just going inside these two complex people. The film can be chosen to pass something else through the verses, though what they are doing now is without any efficiency and strength - as an exemption for Rama. Taking a gender on the first soundtrack is a finished insult. All things considered, 96 sounds and strings trick our souls and provoke us to feel anguish in the presentation as if it is indeed the entirety of our own existence and well. Praveen L. Alternating, in any case, I had an issue. Response shots, on the spot, arrive a bit late and the enthusiasts bounce to the beat.

'Marpula Prana'. Maarpule samadhanam '[The question of change is the progress of changes.] Reads the screen before the beginning of the film. jaanu says this to Rama and I am denying Smriti. When you discover a woman, whom you love and Veda, I will reveal to her that you are an extraordinary person and that she should give a lot of thought to you. 'Prabha, understanding Rama's photography, tells jaanu exactly when he confuses jaanu with his better half. Is Prabha going to break the dividers made by jaanu to gather Ramu around her for a long time? It is understandable. Despite the fact that the agony of lost love pervades all through the film, it is yet to be expected that the way Ram's life is going. I loved the way that the entertainers in the film decided not to romanticize the pain and energy. jaanu advanced a lot, and ideally, Rama too.

I struggled to see Damba while watching it first, so I chose to make a cognitive effort to accept it, and I did. There are individuals who cannot search for a second love after their first, incredible man. Smash is one of those individuals. Thus jaanu is a woman from one side and does not necessarily have the opportunity to take much time. He had the opportunity and wastage to go, where his suffering caused him and he did so. At that time he was not offered time to handle his suffering, at present he has not offered time to deal with it. How could she go with everyone that evening who had come to know how to bring something different? Currently, this is a film I observe rather than a decent impersonation of an incredible film.