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Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Summary, Ghat, Daddy Earth Mahesh Bhatt, who made the best films, later got a buzz at the box office and made horror, sexy and boxed spicy films like Murder and Raj at the box office. Yes, meanwhile, through his banner, he created a team of young directors who could try to follow the path shown by him. For the past few months, Bhatt Camp Ad has been busy advertising our unfinished story ', so this is why Ajay Devgan, once again showed his real-life story after Pooja Bhatt starrer film Akkh Zakhm. Also raised the challenge of presenting. This film by Imran and Vidya Balan is also trying to revive Mahesh Bhatt's bitter memories of his life, which Mahesh Bhatt will never forget.  Hamari Adhuri Kahani Full Movie

Mohit Suri, who made his debut as a director from Bhatt Camp a while back, was both a big hit at the box office, 'Aashiqui 2' and 'Ek Villain'. In the era of multiplexes, when the Gen X class at the box office had the power to be a hit or a flop, many scenes such as female torture in a better sense and serious cases excluded films of this class. Emraan and Vidya Starr The previous film 'Ghanachakkar' was a flop at the box office due to Imran's previous film 'Mr. X 'and Vidya Balan starrer film and Bobby Detective were also around. In such a situation, Imran and Vidya are once again in need of a superhit film like 'Dirty Picture'. The director of this film Mohit Suri wanted to keep the title of the film 'Tum Hi Ho', but when Imran and Vidya, as well as the Bhatt brothers, did not present the suggested title of Mohit, Vikram Bhatt named his company "Our "Kept. The title for this film was given the incomplete 'Kahani'.

Story: Aarav (Emraan Hashmi), the owner of a chain of five-star hotels in India and abroad, falls in love with Vasudha Prasad (Vidya Balan), who hires his hotel due to Vasudha's abandonment and loyalty to duty. Aarav's loyalty to Vasudha's duty was noticed when he was staying at his hotel as a VIP guest. As they are employed here, fire smoke emits from the same floor on Aarav Kesket, where Aarav lives, the rest of the hotel staff and managers run away from the hotel floor seeing the smoke, but Vasudha is worried about staying on that floor. But to save the VIP guest. Vasudha learns that the guest is none other than the hotel owner Ruparoy Aarav.

At the same time, Aarav advises Vasudha to work in a hotel in Dubai, but Vasudha lovingly refuses this suggestion as a family problem. When Vasudha comes home and comes to know that her son is in the police station, then she reaches the police station. On the other hand, she learns that her 5-year-old husband, Hari Pandey (Rajkumar Rowe), is not lost, but rejoins a terrorist group operating in Bastar, killing a kidnapped American citizen. The police have a video of Hari killing an American citizen. In which Hari decides to go to Dubai with his son Sanch after discovering Hari's stupidity from the police.

Aarav slowly falls in love with Vasudha and one-day Aarav expresses his love to Vasudha, but Vasudha agrees to the marriage. When Aarav Shimla goes to meet his mother from Dubai, Vasudha also asks him to go with her. After listening to Aarav's mother, Vasudha considers that he too has the right to start his new life and you should marry Aarav for the good future of son Sancha. When Vasudha reaches her home in Mumbai, she is confronted by her husband Hari. Hari reaches home in a very bad condition while avoiding the police. He does not even know that the police have kept a guard outside Vasudha's house because of that. When Vasudha tells Hari about herself and Aarav, she angrily walks out of the house and confesses herself to the police, and takes up the crime she did not commit. Hari gets a death sentence from the court

Acting: Emraan Hashmi plays Aarav's character in a very brilliant way. Vidya Balan has also proved the role of Vasudha quite well, but the film's pace is very slow from the beginning. After the barracks, Rajkummar Rao's entry takes place and the story takes a few turns. Rajkummar Rao undoubtedly got less footage in the story, but despite this, he maintained a strong presence.

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