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Doraemon is an aided Japanese anime pi, which, no matter how old, will consistently have a place in our spirits for Blue Cat robots. Individuals of any age like it. But the latest version of the 38th animated film, which also features the character, is the Doraemon Movie in Hindi franchise dragging on for a very long time, so we are not surprised because its popularity is also quite high.

In the film, Doraemon, Nobita, and a group of friends (Shizuka, Xian, and Suniyo) leave for the Caribbean Ocean, where a Treasure Island appears. It soon reveals that the island is a huge time-traveling spacecraft, and its evil commanders are stealing not only gold coins, jewelry, and crowns, but also Earth's energy resources.

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Surprised by a boy with a non-mysterious identity who may also be the son of a pirate, they go on a mission to save Shizuka, in which Shizuka is kidnapped, and who destroys the world Stop the bad guy.

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The Doraemon is fun to watch because a part of it is filled with amusing gadgets that he takes out of his pocket, yet the film does not have tricky scenes that can stop you from looking at it.

While most of Doraemon's stories are fables that give a moral lesson, Nobita's Treasure Island leaves its audience confused as to what a takeaway is. Can parents sometimes go wrong, if not completely wrong? Embrace your parents even if they are wrong or evil? That the two of you were fighting tooth and nail a minute ago and it almost destroyed the planet, a hug can solve everything. We can only speculate.

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It's very sad that we don't like to watch Anime movies which are really very unique, and I should say, if you want to watch Doraemon Movie in hindi then this is the best movie for you. Looking at true love, friendship, and some hilarious scenes, Stand By Me Doraemon is one of my favorite cartoons. This is actually the best movie of all the movies that I have seen so far. It has strong acting and is very heart-touching, and all of these took me back to a fictional world. Imagine, how do all of us children think that problems can only be solved by magic! you are wrong! On the occasion that I had those gadgets, I would stop anyone's fight. Or I would have won all T20 matches in my country. Or I would have done all my homework in just a second.

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Whether it's a kid-friendly comedy, a good story, and amazing animation I grew up watching Doraemon, so it was basically a treat for me. The film combines some common Doraemon episodes which makes it even more appealing. Truly a heart-wrenching film that makes you fall in love with it.

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