Desi Boyz Nick (John Abraham) and Jerry (Akshay Kumar) Full Movie Review 

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Desi Boyz

Movie story

This is the story of two friends Nick (John Abraham) and Jerry (Akshay Kumar). Nick works in a good bank and Jerry is a security guard. Both are good friends. Living a happy life He also has girlfriends. Only then does the market fall. Desi Boyz Full Movie With the recession, everything starts to disintegrate and break - love, friendship and habits. Both of their jobs also go away and life starts getting heavy on them. In compulsion, they accept the work of a male escort, but under the pressure of their morality, they make some rules. But then Nick's girlfriend Radhika (Deepika Padukone) comes to know of his misdeeds, then she is naturally angry and also asks some questions related to Nari Asmita and Darp. After twelve years, the second heroine Tanya (Chitrangada Singh) meets the boy who had her heart in college. Then she was fat and Jerry did not pay attention to her. And the boy is Jerry (Akshay Kumar). 

Movie review

Men's organ performances, striptease, pole dance, London, Trinity College, designer clothes for heroines, two-three songs and item appearances by Sanjay Dutt .. Desi Boyz has it all. Not just a story, but an emotional punch. With the unique relationship of mother-son, father-daughter, friend, teacher-student, "Jab Zero Di Mere Bharat Ne" is also a national love. But if there are not two or four emotional punch in comedy films, then it remains just a joke on the screen and the same has happened with this film. In fact, Rohit Dhawan has not been able to focus on what and how he has to say in his first film. Desi Boyz Full Movie Download, Desi Boyz Full Movie Online

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham look attractive. They have a friendship like Jai-Veeru. They look good in dancing, punching, showing off their body and action scenes, but it is all just in pieces. In such films, the heroines are only showpieces. This work has been well done by Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh. Chitrangada Singh is in the mood for the first commercial film. The pair of Chitrangada and Akshay Kumar look amazing.

Sanjay Dutt will definitely entice some viewers with his item appearances and dialogues. Sanjay Dutt is famous for doing small scenes anyway and in this film too, he pulled the audience towards him for some time.

Pritam's music is such that these days everyone's head is climbing but in this film Pritam has not been able to do anything that the audience can remember outside the hall. Yes, the title track of the film definitely gives people a chance to dance.

Overall, David Dhawan's son Rohit Dhawan may not have watched his father's films carefully, otherwise he would have avoided doing pornographic comedy in his films. Also, the concept of male prostitutes is not yet in India at the level where films can be made on it.