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In 1995, I was around 13 years of age and in the interest of school at 9:30 am I saw a film in a film corridor in Mall Road, Kanpur. It was my first English film and the film was titled 'Jumanji'. It would not be correct to say that this was my first meeting with the entertainment industry of the West and Jumanji became a part of my life by the end of time. That film lobby is closed today, Jumanji's memory is still new, today after twenty years I went to see Jumanji 2 again to get a similar memory. Allow me to tell you how this film was currently ...

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'Jumanji: The Next Level', the spin-off Jumanji, founded by superhit Hollywood, is taking an exciting journey through the dangerous universe of the jungle, and is back with more fun, more crowds. Spencer (Alex Wolff) and his co-workers Fridge (Sardar Blaine), Martha (Morgan Turner), and Bethany (Madison Iceman) choose to save their lives two days before 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. This dangerous computer game will never be managed, as it drags the player inside and leaves him to manage the inconveniences on the dangerous Jumanji Island, transforming him into the personality of the game. Nevertheless, Spencer's engraving takes him and his comrades to and from this dream island.

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In fact, while Martha, Bethany, and Fridge have been running their lives together, Spencer cannot fully emerge from his woes after returning from Jumanji in the previous film. He needs to see himself again as Jumanji's wonderful character Doctor Small Bravaston (Dwayne Johnson) and, likewise, Jumanji comes through the videogame. Here, distraught over Spencer's disappearance, his companions Martha, Fridge, and Bethany approach Jumanji through a computer game to save him. Interestingly, this time his characters are compatible. For example, instead of Spencer, his grandfather Eddie becomes Doctor Bravestone, at the time Eddie's partner Mylo gets the job of Moose (Kevin Hart) instead of the fridge. Martha is likewise Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan), so this time the ice chest becomes Professor Sheldon-style (Jake Black). Incidentally, this exchange of characters is the biggest feature of the film.


The film is not terrible, the film is exciting and active, yet it is not Jumanji. Remembering Jumanji Child Psychology, the film portrayed a story that took place in both the heart and mind, as the film's emotional connection was solid enough to make you think that each character would be someone who Looks like you know, this movie I don't like. In this way, the wasted youth who rewrote the account of this film will probably be more related to this film, yet and still, at the end of the day, they actually belong to them. Would like to know that Rashi likes him in this film. Stuffed Film Market. The film's VFX is acceptable and in fact, the film is solid, and as I said earlier it is very attractive. The film has great comedy scenes and the film's base score is very noisy.


Activity is acting in real-life films, and since the activity is acceptable, acting is directly linked to its signal. Big and thrilling, the film is thrilling and thrilling, however, this year is not as surprising as Wonder Woman, the baby driver, nor is it an indulgent film like Jumanji, relying on 1995's Robin Williams for 1981's Children's Is a comic film. It was something different, the film is Welcome to the Jungle, yet not Jumanji ... Although you first take a DVD on lease and watch Jumanji, and later on watching this film, reveal how you would like the film Started.

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