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Yedu Chepala Katha

Bop Ray ..! 'Seven Fish Story'. This is a film. A testament is more for a film. There are many individuals who take a gander at the secret, trailer, and banners and say that it is sub-par compared to a pornography film. Advanced the film 'Seven Fish Story' with bare scenes with pucca prostitute content and carried it to theaters today, November seventh. What's more, this account of the seven fish'? Nita? Tell us in the survey. yedu chepala katha full movie download in tamilrockers.

Thalassemia in Tempt Ravi (Abhishek Reddy). Kicks the bucket if blood isn't bonded for thirty days. Furthermore, he would not endure anybody uncovering himself before him. Radha (Bhanu Sri) is a flatmate of the stranded Tempt Ravi. The two have two different companions. They all experience the ill effects of thalassemia and struggle taking mobile phones and attempting to get blood bondings. Notwithstanding, Tempt Ravi will buckle down in the bunch.

The idea of functioning as a cell specialist (Ayesha Singh) entices Ravi to give blood. Entice Ravi becomes hopelessly enamored from the start sight with the inclination that he has unconsciously helped somebody. Notwithstanding, the inclination is that she gets pregnant without knowing it. She plans to end it all since she doesn't have a clue about the purpose behind her pregnancy.

Nonetheless, a man named Sundar saves her in the event of self-destruction. Advising her 'there is not something to be acquired by passing on'. I will discover the individual who made you pregnant. Consequently, Nuh requests help. He persuades her that the young lady he adores, Meera, is dead.

In a similar setting, Ammu who grew up as a vagrant alongside Tempt Ravi likes Ravi. Ammu, who has built up an affection for him, attempts to be enticed by Ravi. At the point when Ravi won't, Ammu ends it all and bites the dust.

Be that as it may, if Ravi is enticed to see anybody .. they all go to Ravi's fantasy around evening time. Ravi, who doesn't really know the fantasy, has intercourse with the seven. This 'seven fish' is the narrative of seven young ladies who were assaulted by Ravi in ​​a dream. Who are these seven fish? For what reason is Ravini assaulted? Who is Ammu? Who made the idea pregnant? How did Radha at long last help Ravi? That is the remainder of the account of the seven fish.

The arrival of the secret and trailer of 'Seven Fish Story' with bare scenes with pucca prostitute content has made terrible publicity for the film. The secret, trailer, and banners have stirred up the online media and the film 'Seven Fish Story' has been delivered on more than 500 screens. Crowds who love grown-up substances have a ton of scenes to celebrate, and the film has caused a lot of exposure that it is a major prostitute film that has arranged crowds in theaters.

Yedu Chepala Katha Full Movie
Yedu Chepala Katha Full Movie Download
Yedu Chepala Katha Full Movie Online
Yedu Chepala Katha Full Movie Online
Yedu Chepala Katha Full Movie Watch Online
Yedu Chepala Katha Full Movie Online Watch

Nonetheless, because of the enormous scope of exposure that it is a pucca prostitute film, all the venues today are occupied with that classification of crowds who love authentication films. However, they are likewise baffled that they have passed up the grown-up substance they went to the performance centers anticipating.

The secrets show seven young ladies as seven fish and dry the marvels with them limitless. Incited with lip locks ... The room scenes likewise appeared with the camera at different points. Ceaselessly by any stretch of the imagination. With the locations of a kid being assaulted with jasmine blossoms, the film gives the deception that it won't remove a single thing from the pornography film.

Nonetheless, all the scissors were noticeable when the last yield came, as there were scenes in which the blue pencil individuals covered their heads. Porn and foul discussions are restricted. No place does it appear to cross limits. The scenes in the secret and trailer can likewise be seen on the big screen or the sensor can comprehend the scope of the scissor chase.

'Blue pencil Officer Rajasekhar IAS hangs up subsequent to watching this film. There are three women in the blue pencil office. Despite the fact that the facts confirm that Tempt Ravi said in the advancements that they covered their heads with disgrace, the edit did it quietly. Scissors were tossed all over the place.

Ravi with the compulsion to show up in the secret and trailer with desire .. showed up exceptionally guiltless in this film. He additionally dazzled with the development of acting in the grown-up parody film. Developed parody. Bhanu Sree, who assumed the part of Radha, got the full-length job a few days after the fact. She has avoided the excellence exhibition.

Nonetheless, as a feature of a scene .. Bhanu Sriki Srireddy got up and the chief worked really hard. The chief put an enormous mass on Srireddy's brow and put the disrobing scene out and about. On the off chance that Shri Reddy responds to this scene, another embarrassment makes certain to emerge.

It is hard to distinguish them as their nose and face, which appear as though seven fish, are to a great extent obscure. The introduction feels befuddling in spite of the way that the grown-up satire content is pretty much as great as the chief proposed. The chief became involved with the screenplay. Whatever the sensor impact is .. the story runs paying little heed to the scene. Who is coming and why .. made disarray concerning what the story will be. The exciting bends in the road in the story, the spirits, the peak wind are great yet the introduction isn't ridiculous.

The specialized qualities ​​are with regards to the film. Melodies are fine. Be that as it may, they couldn't do equity to the mood melodies. Not to spend huge for areas Nda concluded it was basic.

At long last. Subsequent to watching this 'Seven Fish Story' secret and trailer, it is disillusioning to go out to see a film envisioning that there is something different in the film. We should examine Tempt Ravi for some time as opposed to discussing 'Seven Fish'.