The New King's Man Movie Review

One of the best films of 2014 was "Kingsman: The Secret Service". And although all the same material is underway for the sequel to "Kingsman: The Golden Circle", this film the new kingsman movie serves stale, after much bitterness.

The New KingsMan Movie | Release Date | The KingsMan Trailer

It should come as a surprise that the third part of the Kingsman films is coming soon. We mean the upcoming prequel The King's Man (honestly). With the first two films, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, made up of $ 825 million in total, it's no surprise that writer / director Matthew Vaughn announced several plans for the Kingsman cinematic universe.

The fun is gone, with the sense that the filmmaker - Matthew Vaughn, who directed the first film - was trying to follow the "big is better" mentality. this does not work. The eerie, upbeat and monotonous refreshing appeal of the first film made everyone disappear from the first scene of this sequel, clear: a bloated, messy car-chase sequence shot entirely in front of the green-screen. The film then escapes the James-Bond-esche detective-comedy approach and becomes the head of states, Americanizing a film that works much better overseas. When you do not know what to do for the sequel? Let's put the characters in a new environment! It wouldn't be surprising if our heroes in "Kingsman 3" or "Kingsman 4" traveled to New York or space! Why not? Oh, so what.

The New KingsMan Movie | Release Date | The KingsMan Trailer

The once Green Kingsman agent known as Egsy (Terron Egerton) and his trusted friend Merlin (Mark Strong), must be known as the Statesman from America to help his counterparts (see what he did there ?), All were declared dead. Kingsman? By Bury Poppy (Julianne Moore, who never had less appeal). The Statesman - named after the Knights of the Round Table and running a suit-shop like their English counterparts instead of the names of all of them - runs a distillery and all are named after alcoholic beverages. Their leaders are champions, champagne (Jeff Bridges), whiskey (Pedro Pascal), ginger (Halle Berry) and tequila (Channing Tatum) known as Burt Reynolds. They all tasted the taste and taste of water, there was nothing new in this lukewarm concoction.

There cannot be another film franchise to root with so much frustration, no film will be more successful than the "The Kingsman" franchise. But this sequel doesn't offer anything new, and not only is it not good, it's terrible. It is very long - over 140 minutes - and very uneven, with long segments of characters with no action. There is a laughably evil plot involving an amnesia out of fear of the deceased after being shot in the eye during the first film - now a strange baby-child who suffers from butterflies. And I should not play the role of Elton John in this film, which is more than a cameo and, most of the time, unfolds painlessly.

It was hoped that something clever would happen, that at some point there would be a strange turn of events. There was a much-awaited follow-up between the world of James Bond and Austin Powers - "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" may instead fall into the unflattering category of gloomy soul-depressing sequels.

The King's Man Release Date | The King's Man 2020

Initial release: 18 September 2020 (Italy)
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Film series: Kingsman
Based on: The Secret Service; by: Mark Millar; Dave Gibbons
Producers: Matthew Vaughn, Adam Bohling
Music director: Matthew Margeson, Dominic Lewis

The King's Man Trailer

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