Sushant's last film trailer release / 'Dil Bechara' trailer, seen about 25 million times in 20 hours, Sushant seen cancer patient

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Dil Bechara

Used to listen in childhood which goes away from the world. He goes to the sky and becomes a star. Could not believe then. We used to make things fun. But now he does not feel like accepting it. Because someone is keeping his distance from us and hiding in the distant sky, keeping an eye on us for 24 hours. Sushant Singh Rajput is one such name with which a tsunami of emotions comes up. He is going to join finally again in our lives. And the best thing this time no one can snatch them from us. You can erase the name of the world but that which is in the heart. I only have the right to that. You can erase his name from the world, but I only have the right to what is in my heart. In this Dil Bechara movie is last movie. Dil Bechara Full Movie Download Filmywap

Trailer Review Dil Bechara

First of all, let them clear their minds who have jumped into the ground without talking about their heads. And telling the film copy or stolen goods. Open your ears, Listen Dil Bechara is an official adaptation of the famous Hollywood film The Fault in Our Stars. If I explain in your language, the rights to make the film in Hindi have been purchased from the original. Not like anything else, he has been shamelessly imparted a tit-like machine to make money.

This time the story is of the untranslated couple. In which two human beings fight with life every second and become familiar with words like love. The life he used to pray to get rid of. Now heaven begins to form on earth for them. But when love comes. So, the word named Asha sticks with him for free. Which on one hand shows the dreams of happiness in life. On the other hand, the risk of heart failure also increases. Such fear of losing something in which often heart and brain are killed. So just this time the story is written around a racing competition between life and love. In which whose victory will be, whose defeat will be decided in the hands of time itself.

 All dreams will be fulfilled or broken like glass. You will get the answer on hot star on July 24, where it will be available for everyone absolutely free. Don't worry about money; just take care of your heart a little. Is going to steal Sushant. The way in the trailer, the smiling face of Sushant Singh Rajput is shining like a star. The heart can make the Bechara person experience not to forget for life. In this way, in Sushant, a character who has taken the life of a month at his behest has completely taken another character. He actually gives evidence of his strong acting skills. The lack of which will forever haunt Bollywood.

Sushant is supporting actor Sanjana Sangi, whom you have seen in the past like Rockstar like child artists. So he slaughtered millions of hearts with his beauty in Hindi medium movie. In the trailer, the way Sushant gets to see Asmeena's best chemistry. That is a clear indication that Dil Bechara is not a minor film. This is going to be such an anecdote. Whose direct connection will be with every human being. Who has sometimes lost his eyes with love. But, being defeated by the conditions of life, he is forced to hide in any corner of the heart.

Let me tell you, his music proved to be the biggest expectation in making the original film the fault in our stars. So Dil Bechara is also not far behind in this matter. You must have understood by watching the trailer. The music of the film is composed by magician AR Rahman. With the power to make fun of your heart in the air at your behest. Get ready Sushant is going to be named the best music album of 2020. Saif Ali Khan is also going to play an important role in the film. Whose character is going to be inspired by the original film's freak writer. Which makes the story of the film from minor to special by putting words of life and death.

This is also a special thing. That the film's director Mukesh Chhabra is considered very close to Sushant. And the friendship of both is quite old. That is why personal touch will also be seen along with the professional. Sushant last film Chhichhore, in which he gave the message of fighting every difficulty in the life, to lick the dust. After that, the heartless Bechara will work to teach life a new way of living fully. 

Morning to evening, evening to night and again from morning to morning we are all running in a different race which has no finish line. School ends, college starts, college ends, jobs begin, jobs begin, relationships begin. In the midst of all this, the loser is the fun of winning. He has completely disappeared. Never stop and look at a smart person said laughing. That life should not be long. Just ask yourself this is life. Whose dream you dreamed of in childhood. Cheating will not answer honestly. By the way, the Bollywood people remembered from chatting, even after all this, they have not desisted from their antics. And still the intoxication of nepotism is rising and speaking.

This hot star on which Dil Bechara is scheduled to release. A few days ago, they held an event to launch New Movies. Superstars and big superstars were involved with great affection. Films like Dil Bachara Loot Case and Khuda Hafiz have connections without sites. Shame of not having taken the trouble to call any one of them. Let me pretend to shed crocodile tears on one side of such double-faced faces as they leave the world. So on the other hand even today there is no holding back from pushing anyone else on the same path. I hope a film like Dil Bechara will act as a mirror to Bollywood. In which films become super hit on the basis of true talent and story. Not from the goods of nepotism, which hit the entry of a producer on the shoulders of a producer. Go to the trailer of Dil Bechara and watch it again and again, not once or a hundred times, see so much is done for Sushant.

Dil Bechara Full Movie Download 720p

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Dil Bechara Movie Release Date

Initial release: 24 July 2020

Director: Mukesh Chhabra

Production company: Fox Star Studios

Adapted from: The Fault in Our Stars

Dil Bechara Trailer

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