Chaman Bahar Review: Punching antics dominated in the name of love, the story is breathless

You must have played a carrom game. A pink queen is followed by dark yellow lovers who sacrifice themselves and keep trying to win the queen. If the target is right, take the queen with you or else it falls into the pit and becomes foul. If I speak in easy language, it is a true sign of one-sided love, in which the queen will be aware. His lovers fight their enemies and play on their lives. Think of how fun the game will be if carrom engulfs the face of the real world and if one person becomes an enemy of another human's life in the greed to get the queen.

Chaman Bahaar (2020) movie review

First of all, you can watch this most important thing on Netflix. Just wait for 2 hours, after which, who will win the carrom, who will lose all the secrets before you. You can see exactly two to three abuses with the family. Which we use to honor our best friend. But who should explain to the family about the love love hidden behind them?
Chaman Bahar Review: Punching antics dominated in the name of love, the story is breathless

This time the story begins in a small town in Chhattisgarh. Where Billu is dreaming of making his own identity in the entire area by running a paan shop. Chaman Bahaar is out to say the name of the shop. But the lack of both these words is clearly visible on Billu's face. Due to being out of town, if one or two customers appear during the whole day, then assume a miracle. But then the game turns around. And a senior officer transfers to the house opposite Billu. In which he comes to spend his life with his family. Just like the beautiful girl named Rinku Nanuriya present in this family, she appears as Sakshata Lakshmi in the luck of Billu. On the beauty of this, the young boys of Laddoo city come to the back of the city, sticking to the Billu shop, coming as different bees.

Chaman Bahar Review: Punching antics dominated in the name of love, the story is breathless

Once upon a time, Billu shop, full of poverty and emptiness, now becomes the most bustling hangout in the entire area. Where everyone is drawn from a child studying in school to a strong leader of the city. Twist comes in the story. When drunk for the benefit of business, Chill Billu slowly starts falling prey to the beauty of the girl herself. And in the greed to steal it, the shop starts to get destroyed. Will Billu's dream of getting Rinku go beyond the saying of a pomegranate and ailing sick will ever come true. Or again the bet in the middle of competition will be out of hand. Will Billu's shop revolve somewhere in the glow of the city. Or such a revolution is about to begin. About which the news is going to be published in TV and newspaper, you will get all the answers in Chaman Bahaar

The look makes it special in the movie. Its 100% realistic contacts that have nothing to do with the movie world. It seems as if the story of a neighboring village is going on in front of our eyes. There is no colorful, heavy set in no glitter, nor the forceful show that shows Amir off. Chaman Bahaar shows the story of the common man in a very special way. And the way Climax I was connected with the infidelity incident in real life. She proves to be his expectation. Making a normal story a Sardar kills our heart. As much as the film needs cinema lovers. Many times there are written gawars of Bollywood. All of which is spent on the makeup and clothes of the star. Chaman Bahaar goes the opposite way and only adds life to the story and dialogue. The amount of money Karan Johar spends promoting his children's children. In this case, Chaman Bahaar can be prepared in two to three days.

But complete it with an equation, but will be overshadowed. The way in which the storm of Jeetu Bhaiya's talent has gone. In it, from the students of Karan Johar to the children of the best friends of Bhaijaan, everyone will fly away and reach somewhere else. Where an acting skill is required to act in a film, not a surname. Jeetu Bhaiya has pulled Billu's character out of the story and incorporated it into our lives. At the time of getting saved, there should be a way to speak gelat or to lift the thick stick to drive the boys away. Everything has been completed with 10 percent perfection. 

Seeing the reference of Paan in the film from above, in the voice of Sonu Nigam, one can hear the song that shatters the heart. He tries to make up for the lack of good music present in Bollywood to a great extent. There is also a war song. Which will awaken your lover from sleep. To be praised, their makers, who have done the same kind of dialogue as harmful to both tobacco and love health, have ruined every little big thing by reading the reality of being completely ruined by a lover in love. 

There is also a hidden surprise. In which interesting character has also been added to the film Maqbool, inspired by Shakespeare's Nobel Megwill. Which often works to make a small spark in the film by adding ghee to fire. Alam Khan of Gota factory, as Netaji, gives evidence of his tremendous grip in acting in a short time. Ashwani Kumar scares you a lot without just saying anything. And the matter of Yogendra sir is different. Those who definitely leave their mark in every moment. The minor complaint is from the film's lead female character. Those who have not had even a dialogue. Leave what is his voice like. Whether it is or not, it is not difficult to lift the curtain over it. By the way, Ritika Madam is a habit. Standing in front of the music playing back and injuring people with their beauty without saying anything. Hey Tiktok is a star, neither do you know that people use their real voice with great skimp. In short words, a small budget film like Chaman Bahaar is like a loud slap on the face of the traitors of Bollywood super. There is no voice in it, but the waste is 100% guaranteed.

Chaman Bahar Release Date is 19 June 2020

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