PM Modi said in his mind: The country has now been opened, but now be more vigilant 

The PM said that due to the collective efforts of everyone in the country, the fight against Corona is being fought very strongly. Our population is more than many countries, yet the corona in our country did not spread as fast as it spread in other countries of the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again addressed the countrymen in the 65th part of the 'Mann Ki Baat' radio program. He started the address and said that the last time I spoke to you last time, then the passenger trains were closed, the buses were closed, the air service was closed. This time, a lot has been revealed. Workers' special trains are running, other special trains have also started. With all the precautions, airplanes have started flying, gradually the industry has started running, that is, a large part of the economy is now running, has opened up. In such a situation, we need to be more vigilant.

He said that in the country, the fight against Corona is being fought very strongly with the collective efforts of everyone. Our population is many times more than most countries, yet the corona in our country did not spread as fast as it spread in other countries of the world. Due to the collective efforts of everyone in the country, the fight against Corona is being fought very strongly. Our population is more than many countries, yet the corona in our country did not spread as fast as it spread in other countries of the world.

The PM further said that the death rate due to corona is also very low in our country. We all have grief for the loss that has been done, but whatever we are able to save, it is definitely a result of the collective determination power of the country.

PM said, you must have seen that in the life of a person engaged in service of others, no depression or tension is ever seen. In his life, in his outlook on life, there is a lot of confidence, positivity and liveliness.

PM said-

Friends, I have discussed many times about our doctors, nursing staff, scavengers, policemen, media mates, who are doing all these services. The number of people who have dedicated everything to the service is countless. One such gentleman is C. Mohan of Tamil Nadu. C Mohan runs a salon in Madurai. He had saved five lakh rupees for his daughter's education by earning her hard work. But these days, he has spent all his accumulated capital to serve the country.

Countless stories of the work of the Woman Self Help Group are coming to us from all parts of the country. In the villages and towns, our sisters and daughters are making masks every day. All social organizations are also supporting them in this work. Friends, how many such examples are seen and heard every day. How many people, themselves, are telling me about their efforts through the Namo app and other mediums.

My dear countrymen, one more thing that has touched my mind is that in this hour of crisis, innovation from villages to cities, from small traders to startups, our labs are inventing new ways in the Corona fight. , Are inventing new ones.

I was seeing many pictures on social media. Many shopkeepers, for a distance of two yards, have installed large plumbing in the shop, in which they pour goods from one end to the top, and from the other end, customers take their goods. During this time, many different innovations in the field of education have been done by teachers and students together. Online classes and video classes, too, are being innovated in different ways.

On the corona vaccine, the work that is being done in our labs has a worldwide eye on it and we all hope too. To change any situation, apart from will, a lot depends on innovation.

Friends, Corona is such a disaster that the whole world has no cure, no prior experience, in such a situation, we are experiencing new challenges, troubles. This is happening in every country of the world, so India is not untouched by this.

Our railway companions are engaged day and night. Central, state, local Swaraj institutions - working hard day and night. The way railway employees are working today, they are also corona warriors standing in the front row. Taking lakhs of workers, safe from trains, buses, worrying about their food and food, arranging quarantine centers in every district, testing, check-ups, treatment of all, all these works are going on continuously and large quantities Walking into

Friends, the scene we are seeing today, this has given the country an opportunity to observe what happened in the past and learn for the future. Today, in the suffering of our workers, you can see the suffering of the eastern part of the country. Development of that eastern part is very important. The decisions the central government has just taken have opened up huge possibilities related to employment, self-employment, small scale industries in the villages. If our villages, towns, districts, states, were self-sufficient, many problems would not have taken the form they are in front of us today.

Like, somewhere the skill mapping of workers is being done, many startups are engaged in this work, somewhere there is talk of making a migration commission. I am confident that the self-sufficient India campaign will take the country to a new height in this decade. In this era of Corona crisis, I have had talks with many leaders of the world, but, I would like to tell a secret - Many leaders of the world these days are very much interested in Yoga and Ayurveda. People everywhere have wanted to know more about yoga and Ayurveda along with it. How many people, who have never done yoga, have also joined online yoga classes or are also learning yoga through online videos.

Yoga in this time of Corona crisis- Today, it is even more important, because this virus affects our breathing system the most. In yoga, there are many types of pranayama that strengthen the breathing system. This is a time tested technique.

Kapalbhati and Anulom-Antonyms, Pranayam will be familiar to most people, but there are many types of Pranayam like Bhastrika, Sheetali, Bhramari, which has many benefits to increase yoga in your life.

The Ministry of AYUSH has also conducted a unique experiment this time. I request you, all of you, to participate in the International Yoga Day in this competition.

In our country, crores of crores of poor people, for decades, have been living in a very big concern - what if they fall ill? Realizing this problem, Ayushman Bharat Yojana was started about one and a half years ago to remove this concern.

Just a few days ago, the number of beneficiaries of Ayushman India has crossed one crore. More than one crore patients, meaning, a country like Norway, a country like Singapore, out of its total population, twice as many people have been given treatment for free.

A big feature with the Ayushman Bharat scheme is the convenience of portability. Portability has also helped the country to paint in the color of unity, that is, if a poor person of Bihar wants it, he will get the same facility in Karnataka, which he, See you in your state.

If the poor had to pay for treatment after hospitalization, they would not have received free treatment, then they have a rough idea, about more than 14 thousand crores, out of their own pocket, expenses Had to do.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi's address in the 'Mann Ki Baat' program of 64th part was focused on the situation arising out of Kovid-19 in the country. In this program, he appealed to all the countrymen to help the poor, migrant laborers during the lockdown.

He had said during the program that the fight being fought against Corona in India is driven by the people. People and administration are fighting together.