Delhiites got the panacea treatment to fight coronavirus, this is the name of the panacea treatment plasma therapy

Delhi: Plasma therapy successful, plasma patient report negative corona
plasma therapy

What is plasma therapy?

In fact, when a virus attacks a person, their body's immune system develops proteins called antibodies to fight infection. If an infected person develops a sufficient amount of antibodies, he can recover from diseases caused by the virus. These antibodies remain in the body of the cured patient for months, years. Which is in the liquid. Convalescent plasma corona virus is an experimental procedure for patients.

The entire country, including the capital Delhi, is fighting the catastrophe of Corona. In such a situation a good news has come from Delhi. Plasma therapy has shown positive effects on a critically ill patient of corona in Delhi. Patients who were on ventilator with severe illness, they are recovering from treatment with plasma therapy. This is very good news not only for the country but for the entire human race.

A 49-year-old corona virus-infected patient in a Delhi hospital whose condition was critical. He has not needed a ventilator after treatment with plasma therapy. Not only this, his report has also come negative. On April 4, a 49-year-old corona virus-infected patient was admitted to a private hospital in Delhi. Since then, his condition was getting worse day by day.

The patient was on ventilator

The condition of this patient had become so critical. He was placed on a ventilator. Considering the condition of the patient, he was admitted to Max Hospital in Saket, Delhi. Here the patient was treated with plasma therapy, after which his condition improved and he did not even need a ventilator.

Family had blocked plasma therapy

Doctors at the hospital say. That on 14 April, when the patient's condition was deteriorating. The patient was then treated with plasma therapy at the request of the family. After giving this plasma therapy, the patient's condition continued to improve. Not only this, his corona report has been negative twice so far.

2081 still infected in Delhi

The number of patients is continuously increasing in Delhi. There have been 78 new positive cases of corona and 2 deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of infected patients in the capital has increased to 2081. In which 1603 cases are inactive, 431 people have been discharged after their recovery. So far, 47 people have died from Corona in Delhi.