Rumor to end the world on social media spread on 29 April 2020, NASA told the truth 

Where the whole world is living in awe of Coronavirus these days. So at the same time, rumors related to an astronomical event have also scared people. Know what is the truth of this astronomical event and why NASA has presented the truth on this rumor.

Is the world really facing the threat of disaster. We are not saying this, just this rumor has spread on social media. The world will end on 29 April 2020, in fact it is the first one of our English newspapers, after which this rumor spread like a fire on social media. That an asteroid would hit the earth. Human civilization will come to an end from the world. However, this rumor spread on social media about Asteroid was denied by NASA scientists. And where this asteroid will pass through the Earth on 29 April 2020. Asteroid distance from Earth will be around 4 million. Asteroid will have a speed of 31 thousand kilometers per hour. This Asteroid will have no effect on the Earth. Let us tell you that NASA discovered this estride in the year 1998. NASA has been eyeing the speed of this Asteroid ever since. Information related to this asteroid is also available to everyone on the study website of the Center Poll India of Earth. At present, if NASA scientists agree, there is nothing to worry about.