FIR against Kanika Kapoor wrongly says she tested positive for COVID-19 at Lucknow airport

FIR against Kanika Kapoor wrongly says she tested positive for COVID-19 at Lucknow airport

Often you have heard people saying that everything is needed to win any situation. Confidence But when this confidence increases excessively. So he slowly starts taking the appearance of foolishness, but your won bet also turns back. We have shown something similar in action. Kanika Kapoor, the gold baby doll of our film industry, has a lot of animosity with humans. Earlier, it used to tell the world of brass and now people have lost their lives by not washing their hands.
FIR against Kanika Kapoor wrongly says she tested positive for COVID-19 at Lucknow airport

The case began on 9 March 2020 when Kanika Madam returns from London to India. And goes directly from the airport to Lucknow. Now you know nowadays Corona virus is dominating. In such a situation, people visiting international have been advised to stay in their house for 14 days. But celebrities have a normal lock. He is the owner of his will. Corona will be in our
house, we will enjoy the whole life of my brother, just following this golden rule, Kanika was walking from Madam beauty parlor to her relative's house. Moreover, it was also part of the party from the home party to the realty house. Hey brother, live performance was also happening, not enjoying life is a good thing. But in any BIP party, big political parties like Lok Sabha MP Dushyant Singh and his mother Vasundhara Raje also attended.
FIR against Kanika Kapoor wrongly says she tested positive for COVID-19 at Lucknow airport

The problem now is that Kanika Madam's test report of corona virus has come positive. This does not mean over danger. But even above 100 people are at risk. Enjoying the performance in the party with him. Taking all this to the next level. After this party, Dushyant Singh holds a meeting with our President and then goes to Parliament House and sits with the rest of the MP and also becomes a part of the session. Now see the finish started with a human being and now he has reached directly from the big leaders to our president.

People who are completely dependent on If he himself gets trapped at this time, then who will save the people of the country. People deliberately attended the party on the watch needle Your Madam. While she herself posts it on social media. That they are feeling voice problems for the last 4 days. Just by sleeping here, the hidden face of celebrities is revealed. On one hand, people are appealing to stay locked in the house and forget their hands for 24 hours. And he is enjoying himself from abroad by partying in India.

I am not angry at this. Celebrities like Akshay Kumar are also ringing the bells of super-partygoers and slapping great men who think they are over-smart. Now look, the water has gone over the head. And these celebrities will have to pay the price of Confidence or say overconfidence to those who have never been abroad. And neither is aware of a word like party.

Now how to correct this mistake of Coronavirus

First of all, stop following celebrities with closed eyes. And tell more and more time with yourself, do not stay tense at home. Kanika has gone to Madam Hospital. Now there is no need to be afraid of these, if there is an elderly person at home, then take care of them a little, if you are very important, then you come out of your place and remove the quick work and return back. And yes, bedroom no, go straight to the bathroom and wash your hands for 20 seconds and after that we are free. Live watch your life I do not want to give any speech because you people are already very intelligent, just the need is so much that use wisdom and keep driving Avinash in others as well. No one should come out of the house if no work is so important. For which you and your family have to be put in danger. It is a matter of time pass. So right now I am alive for that many posts will come. Will keep telling you about new movies.

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