The record of Coronavirus all over countries. Its very dangerous record.

It has engulfed more than 150 countries of the world. The virus may have originated from China, but the number of cases is increasing in other countries of the world. And with this is the figure of death in the world.

Let's look at the data of countries as of 17 March 2020 till 11:00 am

Corona virus, which originated from China, is spreading its scope.

First of all, in Italy where 27980 cases were reported, out of this 2158 died while 2749 were cured.

China 85051 cases 3111 deaths were 55987.

Talking about South Korea, there were 8330 cases in which 75 deaths occurred and 1137 were recovered.

In Japan, 833 cases were reported, 27 deaths occurred, 139 were cured, 377 cases were reported, 1 died and 8 were recovered.

Spain 9942 reported 342 deaths and 530 recoveries.

France 6650 cases were reported.

INTUC 1347 cases were reported in Norway on 17 March 2020 at 11:00 AM in which 3 died.

Talking about America, 4661 cases were reported, 48 died, 1 recovered and 1 case was recovered.

There have been 119 cases in India, out of which two died women.

The biggest impact is being seen in Italy. Or Purna's vulnerable cases showing exponential. Actually, she is the one who studies together. This type of virus and bacteria has been seen only. By the way, in Italy, on February 21, the first case of death from Poorna virus came to light, till 17 March 11:00, 27900 people looked at the data till 11:00, so far 27980 people have been caught. While 2158 people have died in this virus. This same momentum of the continuously growing corona is said to be the valley of exponential growth.

Which you can understand through this graphic, how the virus has to be at least during 1 week. One person in the area suffers from corona and comes in contact with three healthy people. And then the same three people come in contact with the three people for the next 7 days. And in such a situation, there is regular contact between people suffering from Poorna and healthy people. According to how scary the figures will be, at present, such a pace of continuously increasing data has been called Exponential Growth. And if the prevention of this dangerous corona virus does not happen soon. So believe me, in the coming time, corona virus will not be less of a threat to the rest of the world.