Angrezi Medium Trailer Review: The Return Of Irrfan Khan

Angrezi Medium Trailer Review
Angrezi Medium 
There was a time when people used to talk only to be friends with each other, the thinking of both of them was close or died by matching. If there is a slight difference in thinking, then you are on your way. It did not matter to see how they are wearing their clothes. But the specialty of time is that it keeps changing and with time the ways of making friendships have also become a bit inconsistent. Nowadays, the most important thing for friendship is the standard show and a lot of money. That is, standing in the middle of 4 people until you can not speak the Angrezi of parathas or mention expensive expensive hobbies. Then you complete the journey of life alone. You are less likely to find a partner. But brother, understand once that the way you cannot pass an exam with Sev Ratta Maar, in the same way, in the case of relationships, you cannot spend your life just by cheating or using Angrezi.

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Stop being dishonest with yourself, learn to live openly or else what is the benefit of getting freedom from the British, yesterday their rules were slaves of the rules, today they are badly trapped in their language. The time has come to take back your rights.

The Trailer review of Angrezi Medium; 2017 Hindi Medium, which has completely transformed our society. In which way you have to learn to live on the terms of others, leaving your own likes and dislikes in order to create a different identity among people. All these issues were put into focus. The same war has returned once again. With a film that not only puts the dream importer in front of us. Rather, it also compels us to check the status of our relationship with loved ones. If something breaks, add it because the accident is late. In the film Angrezi MediumIrrfan Khan with the number one position will be seen playing the lead role in the list of Bollywood's most talented actors. They are the ones who play the role of a father who goes to any extent and tries to fulfill the dreams of his children.
Angrezi Medium Trailer Review
Angrezi medium
Even if there are problems sleeping from inside, a big smile is always present on the face from outside, but in Angrezi their hand is a bit loose. Because of which people often become the character of laughter in the midst of people, their daughter will be seen playing the role. Radhika Madan, whose dreams are slightly bigger, and she is looking for freedom in life. Wants to complete the journey from India to London and hopes to convert her father into a Hurt Rinku reality. Apart from these, Kareena Kapoor is also going to be seen in the role of Police Officer in the film. But it is not the Indian Police, it is the London Police and it is a lot of fun to direct people. Their character is not shown very openly in the trailer. But one thing is guaranteed. That his role in the Hindi Angrezi game is going to be very important and in some way Ho Naa will work to put a fleet of Irrfan Khan in the story.
What makes the trailer special is the relationship of Father Daughter, which we all see in our home since childhood, parents often sacrifice their dreams to pursue their child and even the slightest glimpse of them is not seen on their face. The way Irrfan is seen acting in movies, rest assured that I am going to give you a lot of emotional. Tears will surely come out of the eyes, they are still laughable and then those who regret it depend on the experience of all of us.

Apart from this, the star cast is very strong. In which Deepak Dobriyal who is the master of comedy is also Pankaj Tripathi who forgets the difference between reality and acting. Dimple Kapadia is Ranbir Shourie means there are too many firecrackers. Take the ears off. The explosion is going to be strong. Get ready for such a journey. In which you will get happiness, you will get sorrow and you will also get the motivation to face the biggest problem in life. You will definitely try to learn something from this, anyway, the name of a chalti is a car. Even the motorcycle becomes bad. So just wait, March 20, 2020, Irrfan Khan is about to enter your life again and is going to put a fullstop on the dirty game of Hindi and Angrezi, however, make sure you make up your mind whether to become a slave of the British or to enjoy life by being a cool caper.

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