Now petrol will get soil price. Will the price of a penny be diesel? Will gas be sold for scrap?

Fall in prices of petrol and diesel.

We tell you How Coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. Neither is anyone finding a remedy, nor is there any way forward. In such a situation, the question will be how will we fight against Corona virus? In a way, Corona virus has destroyed the world's economy. And now oil companies have also entered the country under the wraps of Corona virus. It has even come to a point that the stock of oil is full. Oil consumption has reached the lowest level. In such a situation, the question is whether the petrol sold for the soil. And full detail of what are the reason of fall in prices of petrol and diesel?

what are the reason of fall in prices of petrol and diesel?

Fall in prices of petrol and diesel.

You are in the houses and your cars are parked in front of the parking lot or outside your house. Your vehicles are parked. So petrol diesel consumption is low. Petrol-diesel consumption is low. So the petrol pump business is almost closed. There is silence at the petrol pump. So the oil companies are not buying petrol diesel and the purchase of oil is almost closed. The recall of petroleum has almost reached the verge of ending. Just understand the matter like this. That the business of petrol and diesel depends on you. Our cars run as much. Petrol-diesel consumption is the same. And this consumption is directly related to the demand for petrol diesel. Please think in which country the train is closed. So what a means of transporting our huge trains of your trains is jammed. And the flywheel is jam. So the business of petrol diesel is also down. It may be a matter of few days for you. But this is a big deal for oil companies doing trillions of dollars of business in a day.

Now the figures we are going to tell you. Take a closer look at those figures. Due to Corona virus, oil prices have been the biggest casualty. Oil demand has come down. Despite this, Saudi Arabia is increasing oil production. Now this is the condition. That he has no place to keep oil. And is believed to be. That if the corona virus situation does not improve then the price of oil will come to the ground. Due to Corona virus India, several refineries have been closed from January to March. Despite this, three-fourths of the world's oil reserves are full. It is becoming increasingly difficult to store crude oil. And due to the worldwide lockdown. It is also difficult to find the news of oil being normal in a few days. In such a situation, the price of oil is bound to fall. And how much this decline can happen. It cannot be said that you leave the Gulf countries and the accounts of the oil business in Canada should be added. So the situation has become so serious. Can be guessed.
Fall in prices of petrol and diesel.

Due to domestic production in Canada, oil reserves can be filled in a few days. After which oil production in Western Canada alone may have to decrease by 400,000 barrels per day. In this way, the production of oil has not stopped. And due to Corona virus, there is no more space to keep oil in the treasuries. In such a situation, oil prices are falling. It is also a fear of the Corona virus period. That the oil may not be able to sell the soil or sell the waste price. Oil companies are looking for ways to do this. Production companies are accumulating excess oil along the seashore. But the question is this. Because how many days no one knows. How long the guan crisis will last. Because till the situation of leaving your house does not happen, business on petroleum will be stopped from your dry trains.

There is worldwide understanding because of lockdown. Then what is wrong with the mangoes. The economy is bad only friends. Now there is also a doubt about the prices of petrol. Actually, due to Lockdown, vehicles are not taking to the streets all over the world. This is what it means. That there is little or no consumption of petrol and diesel. What is meant by low consumption of petrol and diesel? It was also understood that the oil companies were directly killed. China is considered the third country in terms of consumption in India after Japan. Oil consumption is decreasing due to contributions from China, Japan and India. So in many countries oil production continues and storage problem also persists. Because there is a crisis of lockdown. Oil reserves are full but there is no buyer.