Daughter has turned Kajol back, seen on social media

As everyone knows that the time has come from the Internet and social media, and at this time, more than any Bollywood star on social media, their children have become more popular. In the years that Bollywood stars took so much time to create popularity, In Star Kids have gained popularity as their parents. Many of the industry's many scequids have been moving their pictures. Today we are going to tell you about the daughter of Bollywood's beautiful actress who is surrounded by social media due to her photographs.

Kajol, who was one of Bollywood's most successful actresses, is not an idiot. His friendship with Shahrukh is a super hit in Bollywood. Kajol is married to Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan. At one time, Kajol, who ruled Bollywood in a while, is not more active in the films but he still has millions of fans who love him with a true heart.

Kajol has worked in many hit films of the industry at one time but today we are talking about Kajol's daughter, Naisa Devgan, who is burning fire on social media due to her photographs. Trust is now bigger and your mother looks beautiful just like Kajol. Many people have praised their beauty by commenting on the picture of Nyasa Devgan. After marrying Ajay, Kajol made a distant distance from Bollywood for some time. Because Kajol wanted that he now handles his family and spend more time in them.

Devasa is currently studying and she is just 14 years old but she is very beautiful and glamorous. According to the reports, it is being told that Ajay is going to launch his daughter very soon in Bollywood. Like her parents, Naisa is ready to make a coin in Bollywood. Nasa also puts many of her photographs on social media with her mother. Nayasa is quite fanful at such a young age