As we all listen  from our childhood  that by launghing increase  our blood. Indirectly its says that smile makes us healthier .
We spend much more moneys every  year. to boost our health. With supplements, fitness routines, gym doctor visits,  checkups, and prescriptions.  There are many ways we can personally save money and boost our health. There are even a few things you can do that are absolutely free. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to boost our health, and our know i discuss how our smile or laugh is play an role for our health.

Boost the mood

Several times we are just frustrated by overworking, overdiscussion and not able to tolerate our environment and the person s.At that time by smiling and laughing  by reading some jokes makes environment  healthier  and boost our mood and fell energetic.

Immuno system stronger

Smiles makes immune system stronger  by making your body produce more white blood cells to fight illness.

Manage stress and anxiety

Smile can help you to manage stress and anxiety by releasing Endorphine ,chemical makes you happier.

Smile- Anti aging  property

As we  smile our many facials muscles  participated they moving as we smile and it as an exercise for our facial muscles which helps to reduce the aging sign on face and look glowing.
Smile are off two types one is the Real smile which is said to be natural or pure in this type of smile maximum facial  muscle  participate whereas  the another one Fake Smile in which few muscles participate.

Slow the heart Rate

Smiles slow the heart and relax the body.The smile promote to do hard work without feeling overworks.It temporary decrease the blood pressure.

Helps to control Anger

Several times we feel too much angry which have bad effects not on our life, relations  but on our health to control the anger is needed and for that your smile play an key  role. Whenever you feel angry just take a long breathing and try to smile it helps to change your mood and the bad feelings.

Look younger

Every girl want to look younger and beautiful, and for that they uses several cosmetic products.but now you can save your money by just girls just put an dark lipstics on your lips and just smile without feeling any stress because life is too short to cry for anything.

Defence Your Negative Thoughts

Several persons take antidepressant to get rid from depression and negative thoughts. And their have several bad effects on our body .
But an cute smile can defend your negative thoughts. Yes friends as we smile  several neuropeptides ( fighting agent of stress)  relases these neuropeptides are dopamine and serotonin that relaxes your body. Serotonin act as antidepressant.

So by all the ways smiles makea us healthier as an writer write about smile:

 Chalo muskuraney ki wajah dhundtey h
Tum hmey dhund lo hm tmhey dhund laitey h😁

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