Top 10 benefits of salad

Is sallad is added in your meal??  No then u should not know the benefits of sallad here we share thier benefits for you.
1. Green salad have many menerals and vitamins which are benefecial for your health. It would be beneficial for your digestion.
2. In sallad green vegetables are added which are beneficial for your glowing skin. It reduces your skin aging.
3. Sallad have less calories so it is beneficial to loose your weight.
4. Vegetables and fruit added in sallad have antioxidant property. Which improve your skin.
5. Sallad have lots of fibers which helps in better digestion and increase immunity.
6. In summers, to avoid dehydration mixture of cucumber and curd  sallad is provided cooling effect and protect you from dehydration.
7.  Green vegetables like cabbage,cucumber is the good source of vitamin B-12. It help to refresh the mood.
8. By the use of salad everyday, body feel enegetic and also help to provide suffecient water to body.
9. Some persons feeling less hungry,thats why they looking so slim. Adding salad in died increase hunger.
10. Sallad is full of nutrition, so its complete the nutrition required for body.
Basic Materials For Salads and their benefits
• Vegetables - Leaf vegetables, such as cabbage,  called ‘Patta gobi‘ Cabbage contains ‘indole-3-carbonile’ which is a powerful antioxidant. It is responsible for detoxifying your liver. This is beneficial for the skin as well because it removes the toxins, which if accumulated in the blood, cause dull and blemished skin. Thus, the skin benefits of eating cabbage are many.
Mint is a great appetizer or palate cleanser, and it promotes digestion. It also soothes stomachs in cases of indigestion or inflammation.
• Tomatoes, are packed full of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants and are a rich source of vitamins A and C and folic acid. The fiber, potassium, vitamin C and choline content in tomatoes all support heart health.
• cucumbers,  Cucumbers are made up of 95 percent water, making them an ideal hydrating and cooling food.
• carrot are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is transformed in the retina, to rhodopsin, a purple pigment necessary for night vision.carrots also reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.
•   onions , also known as ‘pyaz‘ or ‘kanda' are loaded with many chemicals that keep you away from illness and also make you glow due to their detoxification properties.You can protect yourself from osteoporosis and atherosclerosis by consuming onions dailyOnions increase the insulin in the body and also treat diabetes by controlling the sugar levels in the blood.The bad cholesterol that causes heart problems can be burnt or removed if an onion is consumed daily. It keeps you safe from the coronary diseases and also protects the good cholesterol.Inflammation from arthritis in the joints can be healed with onions.
Many cooked vegetables, such as peas, carrots, beans, beets, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus and potatoes, are used in salad making, alone or in combination.
Fruits - The fruits most commonly used in the preparation of salads are oranges, bananas, apples, cherries, grapefruit, grapes, peaches, pears and pineapple. Watermelon  adds a delicious flavor to a fruit salad.

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