Today we discuss about the various diagnostic test that should be done in case of fever.
Nowdays, when climate conditions are change from summer to winter seasons, there is several chances to become ill.

Fever,cold,cold sore headache are the primary symptoms of illness.but all fever are not just because of climatic changes.It can be serious medical illness.
So now i discuss some basic diagnostic test that could be helpful for diagnosis the reason behind your fever. 
Malaria diagnosis - It will be done for maleria parasite detectioj in the blood. Maleria is a life threatening blood disease cause by parasite through the bite of an anopheles mosquito.

This is the only mosquito that can cause malaria.when an infected mosquito bites a human, the parasite enters in blood stream and lays then in liver, for the next 15-16 days, the person will show no symptoms but the maleria parasite multiply in the liver and after the parasite again run in blood stream and affect the RBC ( red blood cells). 

Malaria typically has the followinf symptoms like headache, fever,shivering,and vomiting.These are the basic symptoms that you can also feel in other illness conditions so, medical diagnosis is necessary.
Test for the diagnosis of malaria.
Microscopic diagnosis
Malarial  parasite can be diagnosis microscopically by preparing  smear of blood and stain it ( commonly used giemsa stain)

The Rapid detection method is generally used for antigen detection in blood by using kit. It is an rapid method in which antigen can detected with 20-25 min.
Other methods like antibody detection by ELISA and molecular detetion by pcr methods are the diagnostic tool for malaria diagnosis.
Our next discussion for fever symptoms is
Typhoid  that would u read in our next blog.

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