Headache are the common ailment, while for recovery painkiller seems like easiest way of dealing with that but splitting headache by doing so you might be invited a serious problam.
So it is important to understand the kind of headaches,symptoms causes and get rid of that unbearable pain.
This said a majority of headaches are benign and self limiting.
Factors promoting headaches are
•  stress.tension,argument,work and study pressure .
• Food allergies
• low sugar levels
• consumptionof very cold liquids
•  Excess intake of caffeine or nicotine.
• Eye weekness,and dehydration .
• Oestrogen supplement and oral conceptives are believed to be headache triggers.
• Excessive workout in gym promoting headache by swelling the head blood vessels.
It is best to consult health care professional to ensure an appropriate diagnosis and course of action.
Treatment option can include
• Avoid high glycaemic index food and keep your blood sugar level consist by eating regularly.
• Go nuts- Instead of popping a pill when you get a headache toss back some almond can be natural remedies and healthier alternatives to other medicine.It acts as a pain reliever because it contains something called salicin.which is known as counter killer.
• Stretch,relax and breathe - our overworked mind and bodies promoting the headache.so after too much work stretch your body and relax by deep ( pranayama)  are good ways to de- stress breathing.
•  Walking for half an hour could help to reduce the frequency of migraines attacks. Doing yoga will also get focused your mind.

• Improve your posture- Many of us spend our days working in an office on sitting down at a computer with little to no movement.Try using an ergonomic chair to move your body time to time.
• Caffeine promoting headache, so gradually reduce the amount of caffeine you consume over a period pf days or week.
• Detoxification, which can be done by using specific herbs like green tea and vegetables juices helps to eliminate accumullated toxind ( cause headache)  enablimg smooth functions of body organ.
• Fish oil can helps to prevent the onset of headache, garlic ( fresh or in capsules form)  also very effective.
• Ginger too help to control prostaglandins.Take one tea spoon of pichled ginger  or a slice of fresh ginger,squeeze some lemon on it with black salt and chew it slowly.


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