Dial 1912 for electricity complains 

As we use 100  number for emergency  to contact the police  now same as indian power ministry introduce the 4 digit number for electricity complains.
All over india will connected  with electricity helpline number 1912. Surprising  news is that within 4 hr of complain the problem  will solve.and if the problem will not solve then the deparment should inform the Custmor regarding problem . After the custmor complains the department will send the  message to the customer and inform them about the time taken to solve the problem.
By dialing this number the complain forwarded to that area from where the custmor belongs. The power minister ordered to connect this number with whole india.  To popularise the helpline, power ministry is pushing for it to be toll-free across the country. The important thing is that the customer  complains forwarded online to the district  JE  and SDO.  After that it also show on the online portal of Engineer  executive  and superintend  Engineer . If district JE and SDO will not solve the problem  within 4 hour the complain  transferred   to the unsolved complain file on the portal of superintend. In power department  each district  have their own power complains number but now the whole district  of india connected with 1912. However from  the power department  to know the complain  process details the mobileb app will provided.

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